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T.A.G. Golf Co

TAG Golf Co's Caddie Clip - Sidekick Buddy

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From the innovative minds at T.A.G. Golf Co, the creators of the game-changing Pick it Up magnetic golf towel and the renowned Sidekick Series green-side pocket golf towel, we are thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough in the world of golf accessories.

Behold the Caddie Clip -Sidekick Buddy, a meticulously crafted 3-D printed clip adorned with a distinguished ferrous metal engraved logo plate. This exceptional companion is designed to seamlessly complement our T.A.G. Golf Sidekick Series towels. It effortlessly attaches to your belt, skirt, joggers, or even mesh shorts, ensuring that your T.A.G. Golf magnetic towel is at your fingertips throughout your entire round.

The concept is elegantly simple: just affix the Caddie Clip and securely fasten your T.A.G. Golf magnetic towel to the clip. Your towel will remain steadfast and in its rightful place throughout your round, all without interfering with your putting stroke or swing and without subjecting your pocket to dirt and debris.

Never again putt with dirty ball – elevate your golf experience with T.A.G. Golf's CADDIE CLIP!