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T.A.G. Golf Co

TAG Golf Co's Belt Buddy

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From the brand that brought you the Pick it Up magnetic golf towel and the original sidekick series green-side pocket golf towel, T.A.G. Golf Co is proud to present to you yet another breakthrough product and a first in the golf industry.

Introducing the BELT BUDDY.  The Belt Buddy pairs with the T.A.G. Golf Sidekick Series towels, and it fits comfortably and securely on your belt to make your T.A.G. Golf magnetic towel even more accessible and available throughout your entire round.

It’s simple, put the belt buddy on and stick your T.A.G. Golf magnetic towel onto the belt buddy. Your towel will stay secure and in place throughout your entire round without getting in the way of your putt or swing and without dirtying your pocket.

Never putt with a dirty ball!

Belts not included.