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T.A.G. Golf Co

Original Pick It Up Magnetic Golf Towel - Grey

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T.A.G. Golf Co presents to you the Pick it Up Magnetic golf towel. The Pick it up towel is everything you wish your golf towel was and is the perfect gift or golf accessory for any golfer. Every detail put into this towel is to provide golfers with the most quality and fun golf towel experience starting with our Industrial strength magnet that will stick to your golf clubs and golf cart offering superb cleaning convenience anywhere on the course. The Magnetic patch and 6” bag loop are intentionally centered along the top of the towel so it hangs perfectly on your bag without dragging on the ground.

At 36 inches long the towel not only offers you more cleaning space but it is also the T.A.G Golf official GIMMIE Length so you can “Pick it Up when you're within Gimmie range. The Pick It Up towel uses ultra premium highly absorbent Microfiber fabric with a deep waffle design that will clean your club face and grooves and will eliminate dirt and debris for cleaner shots with better contact. NEVER bend over to pick up your towel again!