Origin Story

T.A.G. Golf Co. is the brainchild of Two Awesome Golfers and lifelong friends who share three passions: Family, Entrepreneurship, and Golf. 

When discussing ideas on how to spend more time with our families and on the course, we thought: “Why not create a golf brand?" A golf brand built on fun, functionality, premium quality, and charity.  We believe it is important to give back to the community that we care so passionately about. Thus, we are actively working to become affiliated with various golf and veteran related charitable organizations.

When discussing ideas we noticed that; from the weekend warrior to the “I could be pro if I just dedicate the time” guy, a Gimmie is a crucial part of the game of golf. (And finally breaking 90 – you know who you are!) Even the pro’s use them in match play to speed up pace of play.

In Golf a Gimmie is when a player has a ball close enough to the hole that the other players in the group agree it is good and they can therefore pick it up with out having to take the putt.

My partner and I have always argued what the actual distance of a gimmie should be.  Many a match outcome has been decided over a few generous gimmies earlier in the round only to have the earlier distance denied with the game on the line in the final holes. To finally settle the debate once and for all and to make it as simple, and undeniable as possible, we created the Original Pick It Up Magnetic Golf Towel. Thus T.A.G. Golf Co was born!

We believe that if your ball is within the length of this towel, that constitutes a gimmie and you can PICK IT UP.  It is our hope that you enjoy golf as much as we do and that this towel will help you prevent arguments and increase the fun in your rounds.  Pick it up – we saw it was Gimmie 😉

Dan and Pat